Online Registration

Institute Fees

Registration Fee for Commuter:
Assumes you are staying in a local hotel - includes conference materials and all breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks
Institute Fee = US$ 350.00

Registration Fee for OnCampus Resident:
Includes room for 6 nights [Sun through Friday with departure on Saturday] with shared bath plus all conference materials and ALL meals including dinners. Yes, the rooms are very inexpensive but nice - see the Location tab for residence photos and what you are supplied with in the residence halls.
Institute Fee (single room) = $800.00
Institute Fee (double room used as a single) = $900.00

No daily rates are available.

Payment Preferences

The organizers highly prefer payment by credit card. However, if your University requires an invoice and generation of a purchase order prior to payment, generate the invoice by completing the registration form and then click the option to generate the invoice. Follow-up payment may then be made by credit card or check drawn on a US Bank Account by contacting Gail Wartell,, 1-207-780-5960 (7:30am-4:00pm US East Coast). .

Financial Support for Early Career Scholars

The organizers are seeking room, board and conference registration funding for early career scholars from corporate and additional sponsor sources. Assuming that sponsor support is received, early career scholars still will be expected to cover at least flight or ground transportation expenses for travel to Bar Harbor. Because the total amount of sponsor support is unlikely to be known until just prior to the Institute, early career scholars should plan to pay their entire fee and then be potentially reimbursed. Reimbursement of partial expenses may occur through a positive credit to your previously used credit card or a payment by check reimbursing you or your university. Reimbursements, if forthcoming, will cover food and room expenses only on the College of the Atlantic campus plus the registration fee.

Standard Terms and Conditions

  1. All registrants are deemed to have read and consented to these terms and conditions.
  2. Items Included in Registration: The standard registration rate includes the conference written materials and all breakfasts, lunches and coffee/tea breaks. Because the goal is to minimize costs for all academic participants, the standard rates for students, faculty and other scholars are all the same. No daily or early registration rates are available. No spousal registration rate is available. ON-CAMPUS PARTICIPANTS: The evening dinner from Sunday evening through Friday evening is also included for all on-campus participants including the Thursday evening lobster dinner (or vegetarian alternative). On-campus participants may choose to extend their stay for the additional evening of Saturday July 4 for an additional room fee. OFF-CAMPUS PARTICIPANTS: Off-campus participants may purchase evening meals on campus as shown on the registration form including extra meals for guests. Parking on campus is free during active sessions but only in designated areas.
  3. Online Registration: ALL conference participants MUST register online in advance. No admission badge will be issued without first registering online. Registration badges should always be worn while on campus.
  4. Payment Options
    • Payment Online by Credit Card: You may pay online by credit card using Visa, Mastercard or Discover.
    • Payment by Mail: U.S. residents may pay by check in US dollars (USD) but the check must be received and clear the bank by the stated deadline for registration.
  5. Any charge backs by credit card companies to the conference organizers due to refused or cancelled credit cards will incur a $50 US processing fee to be levied against the registrant. In the event that a wire transfer is required, any bank charges for the wire transfer will be incurred by the registrant.
  6. Cancellation requests must be received by email sent to Harlan Onsrud and Werner Kuhn and you must have a return email confirmation from them. The following refund policies apply:
    • Cancellation will be subject to a processing fee of 20% of your total invoice
    • There will be no refund for cancellations received after May 15, 2015
    • A substitution by another appropriate student or faculty member is allowed in the event of a non-refundable cancellation
    • No fees will be reimbursed in case of a no-show
  7. Registration fees do NOT include insurance of any kind. It is strongly recommended that at the time you register for the conference and book your travel you secure an insurance policy of your choice. This insurance should be purchased in your country of origin. The conference organizers and College of the Atlantic take no responsibility for any registrant failing to arrange for their own insurance.
  8. The Conference Organizer(s) reserves the right to change the conference venue and/or alter the conference program or cancel the conference due to acts of nature, catastrophes or other unforeseen circumstances.
  9. All information in the registration form is received and will be used by the Conference Organizers for necessary processing and coordination of the conference.
  10. Additional Policies: No pets except service animals are allowed. No smoking is permitted on the campus. A noise curfew exists after 9:00 pm and no gatherings outside are allowed after this time. You may not alter any living spaces and all spaces, absent normal wear and tear, must be left clean and in the order in which they were received or occupied. Lost keys will incur a replacement cost of $100. Any damages to or loss of campus property will be charged to the occupant of that dorm room or building.
  11. Online registration or payment inquiries should be directed to Gail Wartell,, 1-207-780-5960 (7:30am-4:00pm US East Coast)