Twenty-year anniversaries are approaching for the International Early-Career Scholars Summer Institutes in Geographic Information. These were jointly funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the European Science Foundation (ESF) and included a Summer Institute in Wolfe’s Neck Maine in 1995 and a Summer Institute at Villa Borsig in Berlin Germany in 1996. Participants in those past institutes invite a new generation of early career scholars in GIScience to join with us in an anniversary institute.

NCGIA-Maine, Buffalo and Santa Barbara will co-host a 2015 Vespucci Institute to review the research challenges of the past twenty years and discuss emerging fundamental challenges of the next twenty. The continuing Vespucci Institutes arose from and have been modeled after the successful institutes held in 1995 and 1996. Invited participants will be expected to participate in the entire Institute.

Similar to the original institutes, we plan to engage approximately fifty GIScience scholars split evenly between early-career and senior scholars. Early-career scholars (senior graduate students and those within five years after acquiring the doctorate degree) are being solicited on a competitive basis. Senior scholars are being issued invitations. Research scholars from sponsoring organizations may also be invited to actively participate in the Institute. We again will be publishing a book with peer-reviewed contributions from the participants.

We look forward to seeing your response to the Call for Papers.

Please see also for week 1 on Spatial Ontologies for e-Science.

Organizing Committee for the 2015 Summer Institute in Geographic Information

  • Werner Kuhn, Max Craglia, Michael Gould: Vespucci Initiative
  • Max Egenhofer, Kate Beard, Harlan Onsrud: NCGIA Maine
  • David Mark, Ling Bian: NCGIA Buffalo
  • Helen Couclelis, Mike Goodchild, Keith Clarke: NCGIA Santa Barbara


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